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Is it time to transform your business?
Time to engage your clients?
Time to be valued and paid decently for your hard work?
Imagine a strategy that can transform your business, attract better quality clients and add credibility to your creative service offering?
Start generating leads today for FREE. 

Take the Brand Personality Test 

Take the brand personality test

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Brand Magic 

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What's Brand Magic all about? 

Using psychology based strategy
Imagine a tool that can transform your business, attract better quality clients and add credibility to your service offering?

I'm keen to find out more


If you had a thriving business with raving fans as clients, who valued what you do and how you can help their business?
What if your clients had so much confidence and clarity in their branding that they didn’t go off on tangents? And that this focus meant you could get on with what you do best and give them a bang-on brand that would make their business take off?

What if there was a psychology-based framework that
would give you credibility and inspire your customers to
discover their brand’s unique personality? Better yet, what if this system could transform your entire service offering?
You heard it. A system based on psychology that will
engage and educate your client, while enabling you to
create purposeful brands that truly connect and resonate
with their audience. Priceless right?

Where psychology, strategy and a smattering of magic, create brands with personality.

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Play the Test

Discover your brands personality by playing our quiz and unlock:
  • what brand voice to use when communicating
  • the style of imagery that will enhance your brand
  • the colours and fonts you use
  • the brand experience you're creating
Imagine having a brand that truly connects and resonates with your customer. Imagine having a framework to easily enable you or your team toknow what to post on social media, how to write website copy or even what style of photos to have taken or source for your business.
All of this can be so easily solved if you know your Brand Personality
Take the test today to start your brand's journey.

The challenge is to send the correct brand message so that your customers think about the attributes that you want them to.
Discover your Brand Personality

Brand Magic

How to build a brand with personality 
In this much anticipated book, you will learn more about Brand Personalities than ever before.
  • Branding explained in easy to grasp terms

  • Learn about all 12 of the brand personalities

  • Discover the additional 6 family members to give more nuances to your brand personalities

  • Visual chapters bring each personality to life

  • Learn to use the 5 senses to create a brand experience

  • Understand how you can implement brand strategies that won't cost you a fortune.

Each chapter has been designed with the personality attributes in mind, giving the reader an insight into how personality through the use of design, colour and font choice can be obtained.
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Free License

As creatives we know that branding is more than a logo and a colour palette.  It’s a connection, a psychological link between a business and it’s consumer. It’s about messaging and reputation.

It’s a personality.
A business with its own personality.
A brand personality.

It is also hard to articulate this when there is no clear, easy to follow strategy or framework to guide that client to a successful outcome.

Until now.

Our Brand Personalities license will literally transform the way you do business... and it's free to try. 
Create a free acocunt 

Brand Archetype Academy

Brand Archetype Academy is coming soon! Join the waitlist to one of the first through the academy.. 
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