Frequently Asked Questions 

What currency is used?
We use US dollars for the Test, the license and your payout.
Can I upgrade from the Freemium version to the license?
Yes you can. This can be done at any time.
Can I downgrade from a paid subscription to the free account?
Yes you can. This can be done at any time. However, please remember that you will no longer have the rights to use any of our IP and you will no longer earn commission when someone takes your Test.
Why do I need a Stripe account to sign up?
If you are signing up to the Magician or Wizard subscriptions, you will need a Stripe account to receive your commission through. To allow this to happen you need to fill in a once off KYC form. This will allow Stripe to automatically pay your $30 commission from every Test taken on your website, into your account.
Who gets the $39 when the Test is taken on my website?
If you are on the free account (Magician’s Assistant), we get the full $39. If you are subscribed to the paid license as either a Magician or Wizard, you will earn $30 every time the Test is taken on your website.
Can I personalise the Test?
The Test in regards to the questions and answers cannot be personalised as it is an iframe from the main system. After all, this is where all of the hard work lies, so would not be something you’d want to change. On the Magician and Wizard subscriptions you can however personalise:
- The sign up page messaging
- The payment page messaging
- The colours used in the Test
- The results page when the Test is taken
- The results email your client will receive.

Will I be able to see the words the customer chose to get to their result?
On the Magician and Wizard paid subscriptions you will be able to access this information.

Can I give my clients a coupon to take the Test for free?
On the Magician and Wizard subscriptions you will be able to purchase a pack of 10 coupons for $99. If you are a Wizard you will receive 3 free coupons every month.

Why do people have to pay for the Test?
The test is only $39 so in the whole scheme of things, let’s be honest, it isn’t expensive. The reason why we charge people to take the test is two fold;
1. We have spent over a decade and tens of thousands of dollars to build this system and then collate all of the information for 12 different personalities that has been put into a format to allow for ease of use and understanding. Clients will be directed to a results page that is filled with a huge amount of information that has been developed to help easily build a brand with personality.
2. We are a firm believer that creatives are undervalued and underpaid. We get asked all the time to work for ‘exposure’ which is essentially for free. We aim to start how we plan to continue and that is by leading by example. We are charging for the Test because it has value and worth. To date over 4000 people from 35 countries have paid to play, so it’s not an unreasonable charge. If anything it’s too low!